Can A Cat Puncture An Air Mattress?

Can A Cat Puncture An Air Mattress?

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2023)

Air mattresses are a need for many of us. If you have company sleeping over but don’t have an extra bed, air mattresses are the way to go. They are also helpful for getting a restful sleep while camping or travelling.

But if there are any two things that shouldn’t be put together, it’s air mattresses and cats. Your cat will not miss your blow-up bed when it comes to sinking its nails into it.

However, you don’t want to find a hole in your air mattress when you want to blow it up.  Here’s when an air mattress designed to be cat-proof comes in handy. The truth is, there is no such thing as an unpoppable air mattress; every blow-up bed may be popped with enough power or a sharp item.

Therefore, this article also provides the best advice on how to keep your cat off your air mattress.

What Is It About Cats That Causes Air Mattresses To Be Damaged?

Cats may ruin your air bed in so many different ways. Let’s check out a couple of them.

Using Their Pointy Fingernails To Pierce

One of the many reasons people adore cats is because they can be quite curious. It is customary for them to share beds with their owners. If your cat is already accustomed to sharing your bed with you at night, it is safe to assume that they will do the same when you bring out the air mattress.

One major issue is that cats have some of the sharpest paws in the world. Punctures can quickly accumulate from the jumping up and down of cats on the bed. Even if you inflate your mattress completely before bed, you risk substantial air loss over the night.

No one enjoys the prospect of falling out of bed in the middle of the night due to a too-hard mattress.

Leaving Marks on the Side of Your Bed

There have been reports of people who own airbeds getting upset because their cats scratch them all the time. Most of the time, these scratching bouts happen in the wee hours of the morning with little warning. Some cats appear to get envious when they observe their owners sleeping peacefully and refuse to leave them alone.

The pampered ones of these species will make the greatest noise if they catch you napping. For whatever reason, if your cat is a scratcher, even the greatest air mattress won’t last long. Find a remedy immediately if you have been dealing with this issue.

Using Your Bed as a Toilet

As far as odours go, cat urine is up there with the worst of the worst. No amount of training will prevent your cat from permanently marking its territory on your mattress, even if it has been trained to use the litter box. Some kittens have been known to defecate on air mattresses simply because they can.

A lot of time may pass before you figure out what’s causing that awful odour. Keep in mind that you will not be able to get any shut-eye if your air mattress still smells like cat urine or faeces.

How to Keep Your Cat Off an Air Mattress

Don’t put your mattress too close to the door

 If you and your kitten or adult cat share a tight bond, separating from them might be difficult. On the other hand, it is a universal truth that secrecy affords significant security.

It’s possible that you and your cat have become accustomed to sharing a bed. But now is the moment to weigh the benefits of a few nights’ sleep alone against the cost of buying a new mattress every few weeks.

If you must sleep on an air mattress and want to do it alone, it is recommended that you secure the mattress in a secured room. You may just open it when you’re ready for bed and leave it closed all night.

Once the air is released from the mattress, your cat will no longer be able to go in or out unless there are additional entry points, such as a window. This provides the highest level of safety possible.

Get a Good Air Mattress 

If you have a cat at home, you should take extra care when selecting a high-quality air mattress. People will often spend more money on a product they will use frequently. Therefore, air beds with frames and elevated air mattresses are typically the finest quality and most durable beds available (if needed).

Even if you take every possible precaution, there will inevitably be moments when your cat has access to your bed.You should look for an airbed that is resistant to punctures if you want it to last through rough times. If your air mattress ever gets a hole, here’s how to repair it.

Get the Cats’ Nails Clipped

If you let your cat’s nails grow unmanaged, they will get longer and sharper. Accidental or not, a nail may easily puncture an air mattress if it comes into contact with one.

In order to maintain the condition of your air mattress, it is necessary to cut the cat’s nails every few days. You may rest assured that it will never reach a dangerous length.

Pillow Topper

Protect your air mattress from your cat with a high-quality, thick topper. A large blanket wrapped across the entire mattress might add an extra layer of security.

This provides a plusher cushion and an extra-thick layer that’s more resistant to your cat’s claws.

Get Rid of Cat Poo Fast and Let It Dry

In the event that your cat has defecated or urinated on your air mattress, the best course of action is to blow it up to its maximum hardness and clean it with water, liquid soap, and bleach.

Be sure to scrub it down until the unpleasant odour disappears. Once you’ve given your air mattress a good cleaning, all you need to do to get it back to normal is let it air out in the sunlight.

Store The Bed Away While It’s Not In Use

It’s not always a good idea to keep a cat’s bed inflated even if you don’t plan on using it for a while. Instead, you should deflate it, fold it, and tuck it away until you need it again.

 Therefore, it will be safe from the cat’s claws if it is only exposed to cats on a very infrequent basis.

What To Do If Your Cat Punctures The Air Mattress

Some deflation is to be expected from any air mattress. However, if your air mattress deflates too quickly or doesn’t stay inflated, it likely has a hole. Luckily, fixing a puncture in an air mattress is simple. Whether you use a patch kit or try to do it yourself, follow the following steps: 

  1. Find the opening
  2. Clean the area
  3. Fix the leak
  4. Squeeze and let it heal
  5. Perform a seal test

You need to find the break and clean the area before attempting to repair the leak. Next, fix the hole using glue and plastic or vinyl. After several hours have passed, you may check to see if the mattress is still leaking by using the test patch.


Pets are a blessing to have around. They fill our lives with so much love and fun. But, they come in a package with a lot of responsibilities and taking care of things around them. 

Cats can be a nuance when it comes to them scratching things around and their claws ruining our furniture. Similar things can happen with air mattresses. They can puncture an air mattress. 

However, we can take some precautions to avoid them, like keeping their nails trimmed, placing the mattress properly, storing it away when not in use, buying a good quality mattress, and disposing of their poo timely.