Can You Put An Air Mattress In The Dryer?

Can You Put An Air Mattress In The Dryer?

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2023)

Air mattresses are a convenient, lightweight alternative to heavier standard spring or memory foam beds for a variety of uses, including camping and holiday guest stays.

Blow-up mattresses, in their many forms, have been around for ages, either as a practical solution to the problem of finding a place to sleep temporarily or as a fun floatation bed for many.

Although air mattresses have been around for a long time and serve a variety of purposes, they have always had problems with things like dirt gathering and mould growth.

This article investigates the pros and cons of drying your mattress in the dryer, as well as alternative methods of drying, and delves into how to clean your mattress effectively.

Drying Your Mattress

Assuming you have either washed or cleaned your air mattress, the next most critical step is to dry it correctly. Let’s have a look at the many strategies individuals could use to dry their air mattresses:


As we use a washing machine to wash almost everything around us, whether it be a glove or heavy bed linen, it can come to us very naturally to put deflated air mattresses in the washing machine as well to wash and dry.

An air mattress should not be washed in a conventional washing machine. In addition to the potential for the machine to cause visible harm to the mattress, you also face the chance of water entering into the mattress, which would delay drying significantly.

Avoid using the washer or dryer on your air mattress. Drying the air mattress in a dryer can be harmful to both the mattress and the dryer.

These items are best washed with a garden hose and dried in the sun outside.

Out In The Sun

Mattresses are best dried on a warm, bright day in the open air. Outdoor temperatures and the dispersion of moisture are unrivalled, but prolonged exposure to UV rays can be harmful to materials.

If you can’t keep your air mattress outside to dry (because of the weather or your living situation), then you should put it near a dehumidifier. It is crucial that you dry your mattress thoroughly before putting it away.

Use A Cloth To Dry

When drying a mattress, push down firmly with a clean, absorbent cloth or towel to force the water out of the mattress and onto the drying pad. Then, use a powerful hair dryer to finish the job. Keep the hair dryer at a safe distance of a few inches from the mattress’s surface and on high for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.

How To Prepare Your Mattress for Cleaning

It’s crucial to have your air mattress ready for cleaning before you start the cleaning process. Air mattresses should be cleaned completely before being stored. Put it away filthy and you’re more likely to forget to clean it, and any remaining aromas or moisture might cause mildew or mould to grow.

Cut Its Power Supply Cord

You should move your mattress away from outlets and turn off any electronics that may be connected to it before washing it.

Take Off The Sheets

Then, unwrap the air mattress from any sheets, blankets, or other covers. Our advice is to toss these into the washing machine while you clean the mattress.


Finally, before washing your mattress with a cleaning solution, you should vacuum it to remove any exterior dust and debris.

Light Cleaning After Each Use

You shouldn’t have to wash or vacuum your vinyl air mattress after every use, but doing so will help keep it clean and comfortable. It’s important to make sure the mattress is at least relatively clean before deflating and storing it (and without anything that might poke a hole in it).

There are steps you may take to maintain the mattress even if it will be out overnight or until the next guest arrives.

Deep Cleaning

Every other month, give your air mattress a thorough cleaning if you use it frequently. Deep clean it if you just use it for camping and then store it away for the year.

The methods for a thorough mattress cleaning are as follows:

Vacuuming gets rid of everything from dust to dog hair. Similarly, this is the most effective method for maintaining the cleanliness of velour-covered air mattresses.

To clean, simply use a dampened soft cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Alcohol wipes away grime, grimy residue, and bacteria. It may also be cleaned with water and a little mild dish soap, but avoid soaking it.

Rub alcohol over the area many times to remove stubborn stains that didn’t come out the first time. If you don’t want to be rubbing dirt back into the place, rinse your rag after each usage or switch to a clean region.


Air mattresses are an amazing invention. These provide a portable and inexpensive solution to sleeping on the go and also add some extra sleeping space at home.

It is imperative to take care of them to ensure they last long and also prove to be a safe sleeping place. There are multiple ways you can clean an air mattress.

However, it is very important to dry it out properly. Drying air mattresses in the dryer is not a good idea as it will not dry them effectively and can damage the mattress.