Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame?

Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame?

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2023)

Yes, you can put an air mattress on a bed frame. Air mattresses are versatile and can be used on various surfaces, including bed frames.

Take a look at a few of the options.


Reasons to Use a Bed Frame for Your Air Mattress

There could be several reasons but here are few of the top ones.

This Is A Plan For More Than One Night

If you plan on using the air mattress for more than a week, you might find it more comfortable if it mimics a regular bed as closely as possible. Everything about it is superior, from the way it appears to how it feels. 

You’re Worried About Dust

You can avoid breathing in as much grime if you raise yourself off the ground.

Keep in mind that on a day when sunlight streams in through a window, you can see how much dust is kicked up by merely walking across the room.

If you’re at a lower altitude, the effects will be significantly more severe.

If you suffer from asthma, allergies, or just want to cut down on your exposure to harmful particles, sleeping on a higher bed is the way to go.

Convenience In Getting In And Out Of Bed

When getting out of a higher bed, you won’t have to execute a reverse squat.

It’s helpful to have a higher bed for the elderly, persons with damaged hips and knees, and pregnant women (some may even be completely unable to get up from a low one).

Reasons Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Use an Air Mattress on a Regular Bed Frame 

Inflatable mattresses cannot be used on a regular bed frame for numerous reasons:

Slats. In most situations, even the most solid bed frames will be made of slats.

Slats are typically 3 to 5 inches apart.

It’s possible that a hybrid or memory foam mattress may operate with such a distance between the slats, but an air mattress would need nothing more.

If your mattress is thin, you may be able to feel the slats beneath you when sleeping on an air bed.

Sliding. An additional concern is that most bed frames are composed of shiny metal or wood.

Not even the standard mattress, let alone the airbed, would be safe if it wasn’t fastened to the frame.

An air mattress on a standard bed frame might cause you to roll off the bed if you toss and turn during the night.

To a level comparable to a mattress. Some of the best air mattresses designed to last a long time may be as tall as 20 or 22 inches.

Combining a high-profile air mattress with a standard bed frame might result in a bed that is too high for them.

More likely to shed tears. You should also avoid using a bed frame with your air mattress because of the increased risk of punctures and rips caused by the frame’s slatted construction and sharp edges.

Instructions For Putting An Air Mattress On A Bed

If you insist on using a standard bed frame with an air mattress, here are some suggestions that will make the process considerably less cumbersome: 

Do It With Some Plywood

Find a sheet of plywood that fits the exact proportions of your bed’s mattress and base. 3/4-inch thick plywood is recommended.

Once you have it, make sure to keep it protected from the elements by covering it with a tarp or another impermeable sheet. This prevents splinters from penetrating the plywood and causing it to split.

When finished, set the plywood on top of the bed frame, followed by the mattress.

Put simply, this is the best and most secure way to use an air mattress on top of a wooden bed frame.

Structures For Sleeping Quarters Made Of Metal

There are a number of methods for raising an air mattress, but the most common involves using a metal bed frame, which is sold at almost any store selling camping supplies or online.

Metal bed frames may be found in a wide range of sizes, styles, and hues, and are often straightforward to put together.

Using a metal bed frame to prop up an air mattress has a number of benefits, including adaptability, simplicity of assembly, and cost-effectiveness.

Metal bed frames have the drawbacks of being heavy, cumbersome, and prone to rusting.

Spring Box

A box spring can be used to lift an air mattress off the floor, adding an additional 5–9 inches of height.

The box spring will insulate your air mattress from the floor and prevent it from collapsing, in addition to raising the mattress to a more comfortable level.

There is a wide range of height and width possibilities for box springs.

A box spring is an expensive option to lift an air mattress off the floor, and it also has the drawbacks of being heavy and cumbersome.

Wooden Picture-Frame-Making Kit

It’s possible to adjust the size and characteristics of a do-it-yourself wooden frame to fit any air mattress.

There are more expensive ways to elevate an air bed, but building your own wood frame is simple and inexpensive.

The air mattress may be protected from splinters, punctures, holes, and rips by sanding and sealing the do-it-yourself wood frame.

Have a Unique Frame Made

Instead of dealing with the headache of these Do It Yourself projects, you can just buy air mattress bed frames that are already in stock.

Pragma platforms are another name for this category.

Neither the mattress nor the user need to worry about falling off, as the structure is designed to prevent both.

It provides a secure, stable, and cosy place to rest your head.


Foam is cheap, flexible, and simple to move, making it an ideal material for elevating an air mattress.

The main drawbacks of foam are that it might be slippery and doesn’t provide much lift for an air mattress.

Get A Carpet Or Rug

Air mattresses are more secure when placed on a rug or carpet.

Rugs and carpets come in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes to suit your every need.

The primary disadvantage of carpeting and rugs is the constant need to vacuum them due to the accumulation of dust.

The Use Of A Rubber Pad

A non-slip rubber pad’s benefits include its adaptability, small footprint, and safety.

A non-slip rubber pad has the drawback of not being very elevating.

Top Your Mattress 

The air bed’s height is increased without lifting it off the floor, providing a more supportive and luxurious place to sleep.

A mattress topper placed on top of an air bed may enhance the bed’s height, offer a luxurious layer of luxury, and serve as a protective barrier.

If you use a mattress topper, your air mattress won’t be raised off the floor.

Make Use Of A Bed Frame And Mattress Risers

Bed risers are a cheap and easy solution to raise the height of a bed frame, making it suitable for use with an air mattress.

On top of that, you save both time and money by gaining access to additional storage space.

Even if the room under your bed is provided by the bed frame itself, you may add even more storage there.

Avoiding Future Complications

The most common problem that might arise from putting the air bed on a foundation rather than directly on the floor is that it will slide and move about too much.

This is extremely unpleasant and maybe dangerous. Some potential responses are discussed below.

Place the mattress and base against a wall instead than in the centre of the room if feasible (this is not always possible owing to space or other constraints).

To further limit motion, corner your setup between two walls if at all feasible.

Heavy-duty velcro strips attached to the mattress and box spring/foundation/plywood can also prevent the bed from moving around.

Make sure the parts are attached in both directions to prevent any kind of movement.


Air mattresses are a great convenience as they are portable and cost-effective.

These can really help us have a comfortable sleep anywhere we are, either in our home or the woods.

However, these mattresses are not so great for fitting on a regular bed.

We can consider the advice and tips discussed in this article and follow them to set up air mattresses on our bed frames.

These will help you alleviate your level, help you avoid dust, and so lead to a better sleep.