Can You Sleep On an Air Mattress Permanently?

Can You Sleep On an Air Mattress Permanently?

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2023)

Sleeping on an air mattress has become increasingly popular in recent years. People are drawn to the many benefits that air mattresses offer, including the fact that they are much more comfortable than traditional mattresses. And this brings many people to ask, ‘can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?’.

As far as sleeping on an air mattress permanently is concerned, there are no long-term health risks in most cases. One can certainly sleep on it long-term if they do not have any existing related medical conditions.

Sleeping on an air mattress permanently is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is important to be aware of the potential downsides before making the switch.

Using Air Mattresses for Long Term: An Overview

Using Air Mattresses for Long Term

Air mattresses are a great alternative to traditional mattresses, especially for travellers or those who do not want to stay confined to a single place.

Many people have wandering souls and they like to keep moving from place to place. For these people, a small, easier to carry than a traditional mattress and a completely portable option that comes as an air mattress has done wonders. 

Many other people have also grown to love air mattresses as it has a different feeling than traditional ones. And they wonder whether there are any risks associated with sleeping on it for the long term.

But before discussing the disadvantages, let’s do a quick overview of the advantages.

Air mattresses offer the perfect balance of support and softness, which allows users to get a good night’s sleep. When compared with regular mattresses, these air mattresses have several advantages. These include:

  1. They are lighter and easier to carry around.
  2. They are easy to fold, which makes them convenient to store.
  3. They don’t need any tools to assemble.
  4. They are less expensive to purchase.
  5. They are more comfortable.

All products have at least some disadvantages. Nothing comes with zero cons. But the thing to note here is whether these disadvantages are concerning enough for you to skip the idea of using an air mattress long-term altogether. Or whether these don’t matter to you. 

Below we discuss a few disadvantages associated with using an air mattress long-term.

6 Disadvantages of Sleeping on an Air Mattress Long Term

Disadvantages of Sleeping on an Air Mattress Long Term

Following are some of the disadvantages most air mattresses owners talk about.

Body Temperature Issue

The human body is temperature-sensitive and requires a comfortable environment to maintain its optimal warmth.

When sleeping, the body temperature naturally dips, and if the sleeping surface is too cold, it can result in poor sleep quality or even health issues.

This can pose a risk to those who sleep on them long-term, as their bodies may have difficulty regulating temperature throughout the night.

Additionally, it can also lead to the body getting warm during summers as the air mattress material does not allow the body to breathe and release heat. 

May Not Provide The Desired Comfort Long-term

Sleeping on an air mattress permanently can be pretty uncomfortable for some people.

Air mattresses are not designed for long-term use and they do not provide the same level of support as a traditional mattress.

This may lead to back and neck pain, as well as other issues such as joint pain if your body isn’t finding the necessary comfort it requires.

Additionally, because air mattresses are not as firm as traditional mattresses, they can also be quite noisy when you move around on them. This can make getting a good night’s sleep difficult if you are easily disturbed by noise.

Mattress Maintenance

Maintaining an air mattress can be tiresome as compared to traditional mattresses.

You need to regularly check the air mattress to ensure that it remains in good condition.

To maintain your air mattress, you must change the air regularly.

Unlike traditional mattresses, you may want to wash and clean the air mattress.

As most of these air mattresses are made up of waterproof material, there will not be an issue cleaning them with water. But it does add up to your list of chores. 

Sleeping With Another Person

Sleeping with someone else on an air mattress may not be comfortable because the air mattresses are not designed to have two people sleeping on them unless you are on a king-size air mattress. 

When sleeping with someone, you might find yourself waking up and rolling out of the bed.

Also, if you or your partner is a sensitive sleeper, the noise that the air mattress makes when someone moves and the movement it creates will cause a disturbance. 

This is because the air mattress is not designed to accommodate two people at the same time. It is usually not recommended to sleep with someone else while using an air mattress. 

Risk Of Air Leak While Sleeping

There is a risk of air leaking from an air mattress while sleeping. This can cause the person to become cold and uncomfortable, and end up with a deflated bed in the middle of their sleep.

One of the most common ways that an air mattress can leak is when the valve becomes loose or a puncture. This can happen if the mattress is not stored properly, or if it is used too often.

Another common problem is when the seams on the mattress become weak. If this happens, the air will start to escape and the mattress will lose its shape.

Direct Skin Contact With Toxic Materials

Air mattresses are made mostly from plastic materials and long-term direct contact with the skin can be harmful.

These mattresses are not recommended for people who have allergies and skin irritations as they are likely to cause such problems.

Additionally, everyday contact with these materials on the skin may cause health issues later on.


The 6 disadvantages discussed in this article are by no means an exhaustive list. These are also not meant to be taken as commandments.

At the end of the day, it will really depend on person to person whether they decide to sleep on an air mattress permanently or stick to a traditional mattress.