How To Keep Dog From Popping Air Mattress?

How To Keep Dog From Popping Air Mattress?

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2023)

A dog or other fluffy creature may quickly become an inseparable part of your bedtime routine. Whether you’re using an air mattress temporarily or permanently, it might be a challenge to keep Fido off of it.

Its sharp claws might easily pierce your air mattress, and the dirt it might be carrying is another concern. These may leave unsightly stains or unpleasant odors on your mattress. Nails should be trimmed and filed down to prevent punctures in your air mattress from your dog. The practice of permanently accustoming a pet to a pair of socks or booties is not recommended.

Here, we will go over several strategies for keeping canine claws off of your air mattress. You will also find out how to prevent your dog from deflating your air mattress.

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Destroying My Air Mattress?

You probably wouldn’t want to see your expensive air mattress destroyed quickly, so take care not to puncture it. To prevent your dog from deflating your air mattress, consider the following tips.

Make A Bed For Your Dog On Top Of The Air Mattress

It’s certain that your dog will want to join you on your air mattress to play some jumping, rolling, and romping. Protect your mattress from your dog’s claws and sharp teeth by making your bed with thick, long-lasting layers or coverings.

You can be certain that your mattress will be safe from more than just your dog’s claws thanks to the several levels of protection provided by the bed. Your pet could take up dirt and dust as it roams the house. Any such grime or stains might be transferred right to your bed.

Create A Bed On Top Of The Air Mattress For Your Dog

Keeping your dog from jumping on the air mattress might be difficult even if you take precautions. Making a bed for the pet on top of the mattress is one approach to keeping it off the bed. There can be a designated dog sleeping area on the bed.

You may turn your air mattress into a comfortable bed for your pet by placing a blanket, pillow, or other small pieces of bedding on top. This means that as your pet jumps into your bed, it will go directly to its designated spot.

Teach The Dog To Stay In Its Bed

The simplest way to safeguard your air mattress, although it may appear complicated, is this. Your mattress will be safe from your dog’s nails and claws if it learns to stay put on the bed.

Use A Protective Cover

Putting a cover on your air mattress is one method to keep pets like dogs from destroying it. This will prevent pet hair and debris from accumulating on the surface. You can choose a cover that works for you from the various varieties out there.

Place The Mattress In A Dog-Free Zone

Put your air mattress somewhere your dog can’t get to if at all possible. It might be hidden behind a fence or kept in an inaccessible room. If that’s not an option, just keep an eye on your dog whenever he’s in the bedroom.

Nail Trimming For Your Dog

Dogs’ nails can be trimmed to prevent them from puncturing air mattresses. They won’t be able to scrape the mattress as much if you do this. Use a good nail clipper and avoid cutting into the quick.

Keep Your Dog’s Toys And Bones Out Of Reach

Keeping your dog’s toys and bones out of reach is another strategy to safeguard your air mattress. This will lessen the likelihood that they will become bored and start chewing on the mattress instead.

Keep in mind that canines come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and personalities. Some people, for instance, may have a greater propensity for chewing than others. So, it’s vital that you take the required precautions to safeguard your air mattress from your dog.

Train Your Dog To Avoid Chewing On The Mattress

Your dog should be trained not to chew on the air mattress since this is the best defense against it being damaged. The process can be facilitated either positively, with food and praise, or negatively, with a loud noise or a spray of water.

How To Maintain Your Air Mattress In Great Shape

Fortunately, there are several easy steps you can do to lessen the likelihood that your dog may chew up your air mattress. Some advice is as follows:

Keep Your Pet Off The Bed

Although it may seem obvious, this guideline must be strictly adhered to if you value the continued health of your air mattress. Keep your pet away from the bed to prevent any accidental scratches or gnawing.

Invest In A Cover

Keep your pet off the bed with a cover if you absolutely must have them there. Your pet will be less likely to scratch or bite at the bed if you do this.

Try Using A Crate

You might want to consider crating your dog if he or she has a tendency to wreck things. With this, your pet will be safely contained.

Clean Up Any Accidents Right Away

To provide one specific example, if your dog has an accident on the bed, you should clean it up immediately. Otherwise, other dogs will be drawn to the odor (and create even more damage).

How To Teach A Dog To Stay Away From An Air Mattress?

You never want to have to say the heartbreaking words, “My dog punctured off my air mattress,” to your closest friend or family member, so let’s review some strategies for discouraging your dog from attacking your air mattress.

Dog’s Own Bedding

Create a cozy bed for your dog in a nearby room. In order for the dog to become accustomed to it via repeated training, it should be durable enough to withstand punctures and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

If you need to prevent your dog from damaging an air mattress, this may be a difficult but worthwhile chore.

Use A Dog Playpen

It would be a bit untidy if your dog jumped into you every time you tried to relax on your air mattress.

For this reason, it’s best to leave it alone and let it enjoy itself in its own little world.

But a dog can’t stay in a doggie playpen indefinitely. Read on to find out when it’s OK to wean your dog off the playpen.

Bitter Apple Spray

The ability to implement this strategy is very remarkable. In addition to deterring your dog from licking or chewing on your belongings, a spray made from bitter apple extract will also leave no poisonous residue behind.

You should test it out for your air mattress. I seriously doubt he’ll ever get it on again. Avoid spraying it directly into your dog’s mouth.

Positive Reinforcement

In its simplest form, positive reinforcement consists of being rewarded for doing something right. In terms of dog training, this is a must.

It is possible to train a dog “NOT” to jump up on the air mattress using the principle of positive reinforcement.

Okay, but what about a treat for the dog? Well, certainly not monetary worth, as these tiny creatures have none! All it takes is some affection and a pat on the back, some of their favorite food, or maybe some of your time.

All you need is these, and you can teach your best buddy to do anything you want.

Consider the scenario when you’ve asked your dog to sleep on its own comfortable bed rather than on the air mattress.

Even if he doesn’t listen to you right away, you may try rewarding him with his favorite treat every time he follows your advice and “leaves the mattress alone.”

Perhaps compliment him on how attentive he is when he is hearing you out.

Over time, he’ll adjust to sleeping on anything other than the expensive air mattress. Along with that, you’ll also receive a bonus. More love, you say? Why, yes, there is!

Dog Treats

It’s no secret that dogs are among the most sociable creatures around. Like toddlers, they spend a lot of time playing. Instead of making him relax on the air mattress, why not offer him some “dog goodies” to play with?

Indeed, the best dog treats are those you make yourself at home. He’ll think it’s great.

Things To Be Aware Of

The foregoing information necessitates our attention to a few key details. Don’t go wandering around aimlessly in the woods because of me.

Roll Of Flex Tape

In more ways than one, this would be quite helpful if you are a dog parent. If your friend accidentally poked a hole in the air mattress, a “roll of a flex tape” can help you patch it up and avoid having to buy a new one.

Hot Glue Sticks

You may repair the holes in your popped-out mattress by heating up some glue sticks with a lighter.

File The Doggy’s Nails 

Nails and dewclaws can be filed off instead of being trimmed if you’d rather not remove them. If you file your dog’s nails, they will grow more rounded and smooth, reducing the likelihood that they may catch on your bedding and cause you to lose sleep.

Take Your Best Friend On Asphalt

Not only will your dog be happy, but so will your wallet. The dog’s nails will become less jagged and more rounded after some time spent strolling along an asphalt road.

These are a few things to keep in mind if you want to live a more relaxed and stress-free life with your dog.


An air mattress is a worthwhile purchase because it can be used both inside and outside. However, there is a serious danger in letting your dog sleep on the bed with you since it might damage the mattress with its claws. And that’s when all those tips up there about keeping your air mattress safe from your dog’s claws will come in handy.

The method is straightforward: just remove the pointy end of the dog’s nail by trimming it, and get the bed ready for the impact. On top of an air mattress, you may utilize bed layers to make a bed for your dog. Be sure to use sharp instruments while trimming nails, and invest in high-quality mattress protectors.